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Early Girl - Sensi Seeds

This reliable, resilient seed-strain is the earliest outdoor Indica in the Sensi collection, aside from our auto-flowering strains. Early Girl has been a truste
Cannabis Seed Description!

This reliable, resilient seed-strain is the earliest outdoor Indica in the Sensi collection, aside from our auto-flowering strains. Early Girl has been a trusted name since the Eighties, known for dependably producing fabulous harvests of chunky, sparkling Indica tops in the short northern summers. Early Girl will flourish when given the basic essentials of cultivation, making her the ideal choice for balconies, roof-terraces or conservatories. 

Virtually any household will have enough room for a few of these beautiful, compact Girls - a metre or two of outdoor floor-space which receives sunlight in the day while staying dark at night is enough for this strain to demonstrate just how easy outdoor growing can be. With access to direct sunlight, regular watering and occasional feeding, Early Girl will do the rest herself, producing columns of fat, sticky, hash-flavoured buds with a smooth, long-lasting buzz. 

Afghani and north Indian strains give Early Girl her rugged mostly-Indica features and a delicate Sativa influence is inherited from a distant, high-altitude Mexican ancestor. Early Girl makes her largest buds on a single main stem. Most upper branches stay close, allowing their flower clusters to merge into the central cola. When her lower branches are left unpruned, they may reach almost as high as the main stem by the end of the outdoor season, so that their large, dense tops seem to ‘orbit’ the terminal bud.


  •  Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  •  Cool /Cold
  •  Average height gain
  •  Flowering 50 - 60 days
  •  Yield Large Yield
  •  75% Indica
Stealthy Seeds Picker Statistics
Early Girl is just one of the top quality Cannabis Seeds from Sensi Seeds, and it is available as a Regular Cannabis Seed Option only. This Cannabis Seed Strain is made available by Sensi Seeds and is just one of the massive variety of over 2,400 Great Cannabis Seeds available as a Pick and Mix Single Cannabis Seed option this December in Stealthy Seeds! Early Girl begins flowering on a 12/12 Photoperiod and the mixture of Indica and Sativa in this Cannabis Strain can best be described as Indica Dominant. The producer of this Great Cannabis Seed has listed the preferred environment as Outdoor Environments. The strength of Early Girl cannot be reliably determined at this time as the information has not been released by the breeder and it is also described by the breeder as being a particularly High Yielding Cannabis Seed which makes it perfect for those looking for this sought after trait! Sensi Seeds have not yet released reliable information as to the indoor height for this strain and while it is not always possible to easily characterise the Genetics of a Cannabis Seed with simple tags, the Cannabis Seed Keywords which would best accompany Early Girl are: Hybrid;Asia-Central. Sensi Seeds have their entire selection of Quality Cannabis Seeds available for purchase at Steathy Seeds this December! Early Girl has been described by the breeder as having a Medium (56 to 90 days) Indoor Flowering Time and has an Optimal Outdoor Harvest Time of Middle of September. One of the most notable things about Early Girl from Sensi Seeds is its wonderful odor and taste that can best be described as Hashy in its flavour and smell!
This product page was updated on Wednesday 11th of December 2019 .
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Seed Review StarsMichael
Great. Service. Great. Range. Great. Price. Great freebies. Its great. Thanks guys. 100 percent...
Seed Review StarsAle
I have bought it several times here in City Seeds seeds, and every year until now all the seeds were...
Seed Review StarsLance
Stealthy Seeds for the W! Great price, great quality, great service. This was my first buy from UK t...
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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 December 2019 13:21

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