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Pornstar Martini - Ultra Genetics

The Pornstar Martini weed strain has beautiful green lime color buds covered in dark orange hairs. The color of the buds is due to the high levels of chlorophyl
Cannabis Seed Description!
The Pornstar Martini weed strain has beautiful green lime color buds covered in dark orange hairs. The color of the buds is due to the high levels of chlorophyll, which gives the buds their green hue. The dark orange hairs result from the high levels of carotenoids, which give the plant its orange color. The trichomes, or tiny crystals, that cover the buds are what give the strain its high THC percentage and also provide it with its sticky texture. The flavor is tropical and fruity, making it a favorite among cannabis users. This Indica-dominant strain is known for its potency, with THC percentages as high as 30%+. The combination of the high THC content, the sticky texture, and the tropical fruit-tasting flavors make the Pornstar Martini weed strain a highly sought-after strain.

Ultra Genetics is a seed bank that provides the highest quality cannabis genetics. Their selection includes a wide range of hybrids, landraces, and exotics, allowing their customers to explore various possibilities. They are an award-winning seed bank, having won several awards for their outstanding cannabis genetics. Some other well known marijuana strains that have come out from Ultra Genetics include the popular Sugar Tits, Titty Twister, and so much more. They may have silly names, but the strains are some of the highest quality.

Pornstar Martini female weed seeds by Ultra Genetics are the latest variety of feminised cannabis to be added to the catalogue of incredible hybrid strains from the highly talented breeder at Ultra Genetics.  

Pornstar Martini is a hybrid cross of the multi-cup winning Rock & Rolex clone, which has reportedly tested at the staggeringly high percentage of 32% THC pollinated with the flavour bomb that is their in-house creation of the Terpatron 3000. The Pornstar Martini progeny has inherited a lot of exotic tropical fruit notes that are much like the passion fruit notes from the Terpatron 3000. Pornstar Martini is a highly potent hybrid blend that mixes Indica and Sativa effects from the Rock & Rolex mother. Porn Star Martini is a pretty tall plant whose height exceeds your average cultivator, but she's straightforward to train and control and produces stunning, resin-rich & flavourful flowers.

  • Brand     Ultra Genetics Seeds
  • Pack Size     6 Seeds Per Pack
  • Indoor / Outdoor     Indoor / Outdoor
  • Flowering Time     10 Weeks
  • DNA     70% Indica/ 30% Sativa
  • Lineage     Rock & Rolex (Rolex OG x Mandarin Cookies) x Terpatron 3000 (Mandarin Biker x Mendo Grape Kush)
  • Yield     High
  • Seed Type     Feminised
Stealthy Seeds Picker Statistics
Pornstar Martini is an excellent Cannabis Seed produced by Ultra Genetics which is currently only available as a Feminized Seed Choice. Pornstar Martini is also amongst the Most Popular Cannabis seeds available in Stealthy Seeds! This Cannabis Seed Strain is made available by Ultra Genetics and is just one of the massive variety of over 2,400 Great Cannabis Seeds available as a Pick and Mix Single Cannabis Seed option this March in Stealthy Seeds! Pornstar Martini begins flowering on a 12/12 Photoperiod and the mixture of Indica and Sativa in this Cannabis Strain can best be described as Indica Dominant. The producer of this Great Cannabis Seed has listed the preferred environment as Indoor;Outdoor Environments. Pornstar Martini is one of the Fantastic Cannabis Seeds sold at Stealthy Seeds which can truly said to be Super Strength and the information that is available from the producer of this fine Cannabis Seed lists it as being an average yielder. Ultra Genetics have produced information which shows this Cannabis Seed to have an indoor height best described as Tall (140cm plus) and while it is not always possible to easily characterise the Genetics of a Cannabis Seed with simple tags, the Cannabis Seed Keywords which would best accompany Pornstar Martini are: Hybrid;Asia-Central;Asia-South East;Central America and Caribbean;North American and Canadian. Ultra Genetics have their entire selection of Quality Cannabis Seeds available for purchase at Steathy Seeds this March! Pornstar Martini has been described by the breeder as having a Medium (56 to 90 days) Indoor Flowering Time and no Optimal Outdoor Harvest Time information is available. One of the most notable things about Pornstar Martini from Ultra Genetics is its wonderful odor and taste that can best be described as Fruity in its flavour and smell!
This product page was updated on Sunday 3rd of March 2024 .
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Rating 3
Ricky Jerry - Tuesday, 27 February 2024

Last Updated: Sunday, 03 March 2024 19:36

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