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Barneys Farm Seeds

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8 Ball Kush - Barneys Farm Seeds

The mountainous border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan is traditionally known as the source of some of the best hashish in the world. After many years of...


Acapulco Gold - Barneys Farm Seeds

Thanks to recent advances in marijuana genetics pioneered at Barneys Farm Labs, the quality of our Acapulco Gold™ goes beyond the often rhapsodized smoke of day...


Afghan Hash Plant - Barneys Farm Seeds

The Afghan Hash Plant™ was chosen from seeds collected in the 1970’s, from the best traditional hash makers in the Mazari Sharif region. An exciting few years w...


Amnesia Lemon - Barneys Farm Seeds

Barneys Amsterdam with Soma won the Cannabis cup with Amnesia Haze in 2004. Amnesia Lemon™ is a crossing of Soma’s Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk. A delicious ble...


Auto Blue Cheese - Barneys Farm Seeds

Very easy to grow and highly productive autoflowering version of our classic Blue Cheese™. This ground breaking Blue Cheese™e autoflowering version is the end p...


Auto Critical Kush - Barneys Farm Seeds

Our legendary Critical Kush™ is now available as an autoflowering strain. This most popular autoflowering monster is ready in just eight to nine weeks. Created ...


Auto NYC Diesel - Barneys Farm Seeds

Auto NYC Diesel™. Autoflowering version of the legendary New York City Diesel bred by Soma in the early 1980’s. This Indica leaning strain provides strong cereb...


Ayahuasca Purple - Barneys Farm Seeds

The Farm received a gift of these Red River Delta seeds some years ago. When grown out these incredibly beautiful purple/ruby red plants were a revelation. By c...


Bad Azz Kush - Barneys Farm Seeds

Bad Azz started life from specially selected breeding by our friends in L.A. over years of careful and persistent work. Crossing the Original OG with Afghan Kus...


Blue Cheese - Barneys Farm Seeds

This strain of BLUE CHEESE™ is one of the best and strongest on the market, and is guaranteed to knock your head off. This is an easy to grow strain, which crea...


Blue Gelato 41 - Barneys Farm Seeds

BLUE GELATO 41™ is our sensational new Blueberry super-cross with the West Coast. She was created by crossing the famous Blueberry with Thin Mint Girl Scout Coo...


Blue Mammoth Autoflowering - Barneys Farm Seeds

Blue Mammoth™ is a Blueberry Skunk crossed with our very stable Lowryder #1. Blue Mammoth™ gives a dependable all-round performance and makes this one of the to...


Blueberry OG - Barneys Farm Seeds

Blending two of the worlds most distinguished strains and reproducing the best characteristics from both these noble genetics was a complex assignment. In Blueb...


CBD Blue Shark - Barneys Farm Seeds

Blue Shark is an Indica dominant CBD enriched strain. CBD Blue Shark™ is Blueberry crossed with the classic Shark Shock and finally bred with our CBD enriched S...


CBD Caramel - Barneys Farm Seeds

CBD Caramel™ is a CBD enriched exotic 3-way fusion. A 70%/30% Indica dominant strain with 1:1 CBD-THC. The plant has dynamic growth from the start. The plant pr...

Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 June 2019 16:11

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