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Reggae Seeds

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Bass Line - Reggae Seeds

After two years of test lines and experimentation, we launch our top high THC carrier plant. It is the result of crossing elite clones with our own selection of...


Blackdance - Reggae Seeds

This is the second plant we have feminised and a plant we are sure will triumph. A cross between a Black Domina which has won many prizes and cups in Spain, and...


Dancehall - Reggae Seeds

Dancehall is a cross of our champion mother "Juanita la Lagrimosa" and our Kalijah male. The plants are quite uniform, the yield is medium to high, while the fl...


Guayaka - Reggae Seeds

The latest arrival to the Reggae family is a cross between the female Guayaba (Chem Dog x Afghan x Chem91), an elite American clone brought to us by our friend...


Juanita La Lagrimosa - Reggae Seeds

Here it is, a feminized version of our beloved Juanita la Lagrimosa (Tearful Jane, in English) We are able to bring you a feminized, with guarentees, version of...


Kalijah - Reggae Seeds

In order to maximize production indoors, you need to give it four to five weeks in grow before switching to the flowering cycle. It grows well in small containe...


O' Haze Red - Reggae Seeds

Although we didn't want to repeat male fathers in our feminized line, we believed that this cross was well worth it....


Respect - Reggae Seeds

After years experimenting with a Cannalope Haze male we are starting to reap the fruits of our labour. The first jewel we present you with is called Respect....


Revolution - Reggae Seeds

We have crossed two related plants in order to get the highest possible percentage of offspring with a 1:1 ratio of cbd and thc. The cross is of a Dancehall#24...


Roots - Reggae Seeds

Here at Reggae seeds we've been waiting a long time for this cross. Roots has a compact structure, but because of its Reina Madre genetics, it stretches quite a...


Senora Amparo - Reggae Seeds

Reggae Seeds took their beloved Juanita La Lagrimosa and crossed it with Jack the Ripper (TGA) which resulted in a plant with little branching but huge flowers...


Session - Reggae Seeds

Session is, without a doubt, the most productive of all our varieties: the yield and aroma are both spectacular. Although it takes a bit longer to finish flower...

Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 June 2019 16:11

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