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Gage Green Group

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All Blues - Gage Green Group

Like blues artists pouring out soul, All Blues is an outpouring of frosty love and goodness for all whom enjoy cannabis....


Amethyst - Gage Green Group

The mother is a descendant of the Mendo Purps, a long-held Mendocino strain that derives its origins from Pakistani Chitrali purples from the past. It holds a s...


Ascension - Gage Green Group

Ascension will bring you garden happiness and health. In order to ascend, we must develop a holistic mindset of our world....


Aspirare - Gage Green Group

Elevate your thoughts with a mind full of our library's finest OG flavors. Feel the gaseous terpenes expand and enter our vercy core. Aspirare means to breathe...


Baby Breath - Gage Green Group

Rest the mind with this pleasant harmonization of rose petals and deep caramel aromas. The Baby Breath is filled with soothing cannabinoids and terpenoids which...


Blast - Gage Green Group

Experience the combination of two of our favorite flavors. This backcross of the Mendo Montage to Dr. Atomic’s Northern Lights selection makes the fine melon pi...


Blessings OG - Gage Green Group

Fill your life with blessings and joy with our latest hybrid intended to enhance your appreciation for a complex fruity Kush combination that will enhance your...


Blue Dynamic - Gage Green Group

The Blue Dynamic is the offshoot of the legendary 1:1 (THC:CBD) Blue Dynamite clone which circulated Mendocino County in the early 2000’s....


Blue Flame - Gage Green Group

Blue Flame [Super Blue Dream x Inferno Haze] Fire up your gardens with this refined mix of the world's most sought after medicinal genetics. Our desire was t...


Blue in Green - Gage Green Group

The Super Blue Dream comes from a blessed friend and grower from Los Angeles. Gage Green are honoured to work with her high yields and immensely blueberry and c...


California Dreaming - Gage Green Group

A new kind of blue and purple flower is waiting to be discovered. This is our debut cross featuring our Mendo Paki male....


Caregiver - Gage Green Group

We treasure the Cannatsu, high CBD clone bred by the late Lawrence Ringo from SOHUM Seeds, in our garden for its aromatic essence and gorgeous breeding potentia...


Cornerstone - Gage Green Group

Cornerstone Headwrecker x Joseph OG The Cornerstone exemplifies the finest traits of our beloved diesels. Our commitment to the pushing the limits of cannab...


Diamonds & Dust - Gage Green Group

Explore the infinite possibilities of cannabis genetics and start your own landrace with these heirloom varieties with Gage Green 2013 Diamonds & Dust outdoor h...


Flight 813 - Gage Green Group

Flight 813 was bred for each parent's potency and flavor. The exotic flavors and look come from Mandala's Eight Miles High parent which was bred from landrace s...

Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 June 2019 16:10

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