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SALE - AG13 Haze X Biker - Limited Edition - Karma Genetics - Karma Genetics

The AG13 is a more then 20 year old Dutch haze cut with the make up of G13 female X Haze male. Crossing it with the Biker male gave offspring the effect and fla...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Amnesia - World of Seeds - World of Seeds

The development process for this strain began when we laid our hands on clones from some seeds from Thailand whose genes contribute stimulating physical climaxe...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Amnesika 2.0 - Philosopher Seeds - Philosopher Seeds

Amnesika 2.0 is the evolution of our first variety Amnesika. With the clear objective to increase production and shorten the flowering stage, we have contribute...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Auto Destroyer - Original Sensible Seeds - Original Sensible Seeds

Auto Destroyer from Original Sensible is an automatic version of the multiple award winner AK47. Like most autoflowering varieties the growth cycle is vigorous ...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Automatic White Russian - Lowlife Seeds - Lowlife Seeds

Auto White Russian is an auto flowering cross of a Serious Seeds White Russian female with an original Lowryder....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Black Diesel - Advanced Seeds - Advanced Seeds

70% Sativa, 30% Indica. It has been selected by New York City Diesel, one of the most awarded plants in the cannabis cups. This Sativa plant has large and thick...

You Save:  30.00%

SALE - Blackberry - Sativa Seedbank - Sativa Seedbank

Good yields of superb marijuana. Turns purple under cool night temps. Tight leaf structure, fat buds. Heavy smoke with subtle Asian flavours....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Casper OG - Archive Seeds - Archive Seeds

Quite possibly one of the more original OG Kush cuttings out there due to it's traceable and documented history. An extremely complex OG Kush that carries all t...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Cheese and Pineapple - Lowlife Seeds - Lowlife Seeds

Cheese & Pineapple:one of Our first non auto releases, psychosis cheese is very hard to come by, so what do you get when you cross psychosis clone cut and our v...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Conspiracy Kush - TGA Subcool Seeds - TGA Subcool Seeds

Conspiracy Kush is a hybrid that is an excellent choice for growers who are looking for an indica dominant plant. Most all phenotypes will have a middle of the...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - CookieWreck X Biker - Limited Edition - Karma Genetics - Karma Genetics

Karma Genetics love working with others, and for this project they selected a Spear time cola pheno from the CookieWreck and crossed it with their Biker male, r...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Delirium - World of Seeds - World of Seeds

After many years of cross breeding, World of Seeds launches one of poly-hybrids more appreciated by its breeders....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Diesel Ryder - Joint Doctor Seeds;Lowryder Seeds - Joint Doctor Seeds

Diesel Ryder flowers automatically at 3-4 weeks and finishes in 8-9 from seed. A small proportion of this strain will grow significantly taller than other indiv...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Durbin Poison - Apothecary Genetics - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Apothecary® Genetics Durbin Poison (Sativa) Creators: Legendary Old School Growers Genetics: LANDRACE Flowering Indoor: 9-10 Week with a yield of 200-350...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Dynamite - Next Generation Seeds - Next Generation Seeds

A squat growing indica. Huge main cola if bottom is trimmed. Dynamite is well known for heavy yields and consistent high quality....

You Save:  30.00%


Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. All seeds are sold strictly for souvenir purposes only and genetic collection. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us to believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Seeds sold may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so. WARNING: IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN MOST COUNTRIES. YOU MUST BE 18 IN ORDER TO USE THIS WEBSITE.

Last Updated: Saturday, 22 July 2017 00:35

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