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SALE - Amnesia #7 - Exotic Seed - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Hybrid resulting from the crossing of the famous Amnesia from the Hy-Pro home and our male PP # 7 selection....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Auto Cheese - Lowlife Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Auto Cheese: we used a exodus Cheese cut to create this great autoflowering cross, it is a heavy hitting high and very smelly when flowering we selected all the...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Auto Viking Sativa - Norden Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Auto Viking Sativa is a crossing with auto flowering genetics and pure sativa, 90% sativa and 10% indica. Auto Viking Sativa has a typical weed smell with a sce...

You Save:  30.00%


You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Big Band Automatic - Kannabia Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Big Band produces thick, compact buds, and the cross gives a higher density of compact flowers in small bunches. The flavour is similar to fruit gums....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Blueberry Blast - Reeferman Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

If top quality and commercial yields are what you seek, then this F-1 hybrid of Reeferman's NL #5 and Blueberry Indica is the perfect strain for you....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Brotherhood OG - Karma Genetics - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

This is original Happy Brother crossed with OG kush. It gives you nice body and muscle relaxation. Its one of those you need to eat skittels to get the taste ou...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - CBD PH - CBD Crew Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

CBD Pure Hazeling aka CBD PH is our strongest regular haze strain. With genetics that are the base of all major Haze strains and hybrids that the world has ever...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Chaos Kush - Elemental Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Chaos Kush from Elemental Seeds is a highly collectable marijuana strain, based on the genetics of Elemental's Trueberry strain, crossed with Abba Zabba. The c...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Chiesel Automatic - Big Buddha Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Big Buddha's CHIESEL Automatic is here! Another amazing cross of the famous New York City Diesel and the B.B.Cheese engineered into an all female auto flowering...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - ComPassion - Dutch Passion - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

ComPassion is a Sativa dominant CBD-rich variety made by crossing a Nepalese strain with an un-named sativa. This is Dutch Passion’s first independently bred CB...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Cookie OG - Purple Caper Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Purple Caper Seeds - Cookie OG now available in Seed City! Strain description and pictures coming soon....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Critical 47 Express - Positronic Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Our most awarded genetics had to have express version. Both are a step forward on the now legendary critical mass. Its sweet, production speed and get you to re...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Critical Soma - Advanced Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Critical Soma is a true super hybrid, combine in a plant the speed, productivity and power of our Critical genetics with the delicious taste of Somango....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Dame Blanche - Flying Dutchman Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

This shining Lady is the latest refinement of the 'White' lines of cannabis - a chunky, all-female strain that's perfect for beginners or more experienced growe...

You Save:  30.00%


Last Updated: Monday, 23 April 2018 07:29

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