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Original Delicatessen Seeds

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Alice - Original Delicatessen Seeds

This jewel of sativa very fast and well structured that can be ready in 50 / 60 days, producing a coat of sparkling gems that will be the fuel for your flying c...


Edy - Original Delicatessen Seeds

Hybrid with an indica pheno, robust, compact, and medium size. With a spectacular resin production on the top of the leaf asunder. When dried upside down, it lo...


First Lady - Original Delicatessen Seeds

`Ancestral` pure sativa from 60s-70s, used to do the first crossings in the East Coast of the U.S.A. First Lady comprises of this selection by the importance th...


Her Majesty - Original Delicatessen Seeds

A large robust plant that has managed to combine the vigour of its parents with an abundant production and in its own rights a truly special bouquet of aromas w...


Lilly - Original Delicatessen Seeds

A pure sativa in all senses and surely one of the fastest on the planet. It flowers in 7/8 weeks producing an impressive amount of sticky resin that releases a...


Queen Mother - Original Delicatessen Seeds

This tall and elegant Sativa has always been Original Delicatessen favourite plant, not for its intense flavour or for its amazing production of crystals that d...


Upstream - Original Delicatessen Seeds

Hybrid reaching the perfect balance between taste, smell and power. Combination of the two most aromatic varieties in Original Delicatessen gene "pool." With dr...

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