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Jordan of the Islands

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Ambrosia - Jordan of the Islands

Medium sized plant that will get bushy if there is room Great for a sea of green, Buds are dense, stinky with a skunky flavour....


BC Big Bud - Jordan of the Islands

This British Columbian cousin to Big Bud will not disappoint. True to its name, it produces beautiful big buds that have a citrusy scent and flavor. While Big B...


Blue God - Jordan of the Islands

Mostly Indica. God Bud x Blueberry. Short, dense, bushy. Buds are big & hard. Thick dark leaves. Full berry flavour....


Blue Hawaiian Sativa - Jordan of the Islands

Jordan of the Islands tall, but bushy Blue Hawaiian has won the BC Fall Harvest Cup because people love its alert active sativa stone that also maintains a soli...


Chemo - Jordan of the Islands

A legendary potent British Columbian indica strain rumored to have been developed by the Canadian government as a medicinal strain for cancer patients. Seems to...


Deep Purple - Jordan of the Islands

Jordan of the Islands most pungent Blueberry cross. Purple Kush has been a sought after strain by many growers who want a hard hitting Kush....


God's Afghani - Jordan of the Islands

We’ve crossed our original God Bud genetics with our favorite heavy producing Afghani to create the exemplary God’s Afghani. The heavy yielding, fast flowering...


God's AK47 - Jordan of the Islands

The dark green marijuana buds give off a yummy, skunky, God Bud smell, but are larger and shaped like the legendary AK-47....


God's Blue Diesel - Jordan of the Islands

This three way cross of our award winning God Bud, the fruitiest Blueberry and soaring New York City Diesel will impress even the crankiest of growers. Gods Blu...


God's Gouda - Jordan of the Islands

Jordan of the Islands - God's Gouda. Information and pictures coming soon!...


God's Lemon Skunk - Jordan of the Islands

All the lemony goodness of Jordan's stinky, cirtusy Lemon Skunk meets the dank Purple Skunk that is God bud, in this wickedly smelly cross....


God's Northern Lights - Jordan of the Islands

After tweaking the cannabis classic Northern Lights we couldn’t stop ourselves from mixing it with God Bud and releasing it as feminized marijuana seeds. Gods N...


God's OG Kush - Jordan of the Islands

Jordan of the Islands OG Kush is one of the best types of kush available. We have created this amazing cannabis strain to be a super potent medicinal marijuana,...


God's Treat - Jordan of the Islands

These marijuana seeds flowering time is highly desirable 6-7 weeks and by harvest these cannabis plants are still quite short and bush-like with fat, football-s...


God's White Lightning - Jordan of the Islands

Surprisingly fragrant and frosty buds. Crystal-covered nugs with a good yielding structure for indoor growing....

Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 June 2019 16:08

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