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Big Head Seeds

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Alien Gorilla - Big Head Seeds

A great Indica dominant strain combining the awesome collective powers of the pure land race Afghani Indica, Alien Technology and the high and mighty Gorilla Gl...

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Alien Technology - Big Head Seeds

Alien Technology is a rare and powerful out of this world pure breed indica Afghani landrace plant....


Auto Gelato - Big Head Seeds

Auto Gelato is a beautiful pyramid shaped plant that brings you the best of her Gelato clone genetics and Auto GSC heritage in a compact and powerful combinatio...

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Big Freeze - Big Head Seeds

Our Big Freeze is a re-worked, teeth-meltingly delicious Sweet Tooth that we discovered in British Columbia....


Big Head Confidential - Big Head Seeds

Big Head Confidential is a potent, indica dominant cross between Afghan #1 and an OG Afghan....


Big Stilton Auto - Big Head Seeds

We took a select cut of Auto Cheese, the most beautifully pungent example we have ever witnessed, and carefully crossed it with an extremely powerful Critical+...


Bruce Banger - Big Head Seeds

Bruce Banger is a sativa-dominant Kush x Diesel cross. Her taste is a combination of earthy diesel tones undercut by a strong Kush sweetness. This bright green...


Bubblehead #13 - Big Head Seeds

For this strain we concentrated on searching for a bubblegum pheno that was as close to the distinctive taste of old school gum and after much experimentation w...


Buzz 'n' Smiles - Big Head Seeds

Buzz ’n’ Smiles is a beautifully balanced Super Lemon Haze with it’s unmistakable citrus aroma, re-worked with BigHead #1 genetics for maximum yield and stabili...


Chemdawg #4 - Big Head Seeds

A tall sturdy plant of large light green colas of densely packed sugar frosted buds with an aroma of earthy lemon and a taste of pine and citrus zest....


Cookie Dawg - Big Head Seeds

Cookie Dawg brings you one of the most entertaining indica dominant hybrids, a synapse-busting cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg....


Critical - Big Head Seeds

Critical is a seriously potent and incredibly fast-growing plant, delivering bumper yields of strong dense resin laden weighty buds....

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Crystal Gelato - Big Head Seeds

Crystal Gelato is a crystal-laden beauty with all the flavours of her Cookies heritage. She is super-sweet with flavours of fresh berries and a slight citrus ta...


Do-Si-Dos - Big Head Seeds

Do-Si-Dos is an Indica dominant strain combining the legendary California cup winning Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG....

You Save:  10.00%

Dogstar Dawg - Big Head Seeds

Dogstar Dawg is a strong sativa dominant hybrid from the Chemdawg line, coated in crystals like the starscape she is named after. Her mid-sized buds are a mix o...

Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 June 2019 16:08

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